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Newick Local Footpaths

Descriptions of local footpaths

Footpath 1
From the Churchyard take the left hand path over the stile by the sign. This path crosses one field only and joins Blind Lane by stile.

Footpath 2
Leave Churchyard by right hand path, sign and stile in wall. Go diagonally across field to stile in right hand corner. Keeping ditch on right go through iron gate and at wood (Waymark) turn left with wood on right. At first gate turn right and keeping trees on left go over stile halfway up hill on left. With trees and river on left follow footpath until road is reached over stile and down steep bank at Sharpsbridge.

Footpath 3
Starts at the sign in the north eastern corner of Cricketfield and goes through to Fletching Mill Farm. Follow the road to the entrance of the Sewage Farm. Turn left along a track and follow as defined in the map over low wire fence leading in to Goldbridge Wood. Follow path through the wood (can be wet) and over stream across field to Fletching Mill Farm.

Footpath 3a
Branches right off Allington Road on the eastern side of Rathenny, 55 Allington Road, passes between fences with gardens on left and field on right to kissing gate into open field with rugby pitch and joins with Footpath 4 at south western corner of playing field.

Footpath 4
From sign by Mitchelswood go over stile, keep wire fence on right, follow path straight ahead across field, over another stile, along fenced path, crossing another stile and along a green lane. Continue straight ahead along path following field boundary over two stiles at a crossing of Footpath 6. Continue direction following boundary of school playing field, along green lane and diagonally across Manwaring Robertson Memorial Field to gate at entrance to Recreation Ground. (It would be appreciated if walkers could keep to the edge of this field).

Footpath 6 (a, b and c)
Runs south from sign by Newick Primary School in an almost straight line to Cornwall's (Colonel's) Bank.

Footpath 6(d)
Runs from stile to the east of Footpath 6, just south of Mill Wood and runs in a north easterly direction across the stream then runs due north to meet Footpath 4, 200 yards east from the stile where Footpath 6 crosses Footpath 4.

Footpath 7
From sign at Ashfords Hill leave Tilehouse Farm and buildings on your left. Follow waymark downhill and at the bottom, turn slightly left through field keeping wood on your right. Thence over a stile, straight across next field to another stile with seat beside it, to a third stile at a small diagonal on the right. Keep hedge on the left to join Footpath 4.

Footpath 8
Runs from Allington Road to Oxbottom. Well defined with a 'No Cycling' notice at each end.

Footpath 9
Ridgelands Bridge to meet footpath 41 (Chailey Parish)

Footpath 10
Cricketfield to Fleching Mill Farm

Footpath 11
Starts at the entrance to Cobbs Nest, runs for 200 yards, turns sharp right into the corner of Cricketfield to connect with the start of Footpath 10 and continues south between the fences to end at the Village Green (The Village Stores ).

Footpath 12
Runs from the bend in Western Road 100 yards west of Zion Chapel (now private dwellings) due south to meet the bend in Harmers Hill.

Footpath 13
Go down entrance to Upper Birchland Farm, past greenhouses to first brick building. Follow waymark eastwards to gap in hedge and then across stile to another gap. Thence follow the footpath down over rough ground and turn left to exit at Jackie’s Lane.

Footpath 14
From sign beside former Forestry Commission's house at the top of Fletching Common this path goes straight through Rotherfield Wood and turns left to run parallel to the River Ouse until it emerges at Sheffield Park Road Bridge.

Footpath 15
This is the continuation of Blind Lane along the line of the old highway which comes out on the A272 opposite Goldbridge Farm. Can be very muddy at times.

Footpath 16
Down Cockfield Lane keeping to right hand track at fork. Thence down a sunken lane to bridge over stream, and follow green lane to Markstake’s Lane. From the bridge southwards the path continues into Chailey Parish. The track is deep in mud for most of the year.

Footpath 20
Starts at the top of hill 100m to south of Sharpsbridge. Follow straight path with Sharpsbridge Farm on left, down to wooden bridge crossing river (Parish Boundary). Over bridge footpath bears left and follows line of river to Shortbridge.

Footpath 18
Commences at sign at Rock Hollow. Go up steep path and over stile. Follow waymark along fence past a pond and small wood on left (waymark) and bear slightly right to cross farm road, south of buildings. Over a stile, keeping hedge on right and through iron gate at right-hand corner. After 200 yards turn left over a stile and immediately left over another stile to follow along wood's edge and across part of field to iron gate at Sharp's Lane.  (A short walk along Sharp's Lane is the start of Barcombe ? Footpath 1.)

Footpath 22
Corner of Harmers Hill to Jackies Lane

Footpath 22a
Red Ghyll Lane - (Chailey Parish). It runs from the eastern side of the old railway bridge due south crossing the stream and coming out at the right angle corner and the north western extremities of Jackies Lane. It follows the line of the Parish Boundary

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